Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Smurf Movie

The Smurf Movie

In the holidays I watched a fantastic movie.  It was called The Smurfs.  I watched it at home with my mum, my dad and my sisters. 

The main character in the movie was a blue girl Smurf.  Her name was Smurfette.  There were lots of other Smurfs in the move too. 

In the beginning of the movie Smurfette got a new sister and a new brother.  Together they celebrated Smurfette’s birthday.  They sang happy birthday to Smurfette and they ate some birthday cake.

In the movie a bad man called Gargamal made some bad Smurfs.  In the middle of the movie a bad girl Smurf tried to capture Smurfette by taking her into the water.  Smurfette managed to get out of the water but Gargamal got her. 

At the end of the story the good people and the good Smurfs saved Smurfette by breaking the blue things that powered Gargamal’s wand.  Then they all celebrated Smurfettes birthday again.  It was a fun movie and it was a family movie.

By Summer

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