Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Rugby League

Rugby League

Today we played Rugby League at the bottom court.  We had two coaches.  Their names were coach Matu and coach Paul.  They were really awesome.  They play for the Warriors. 

Coach Matu and coach Paul taught us lots of things.  The first thing that we played was rock, paper, scissors, dragon.  We had to compete with our partner.  We call that versing each other, and if you get everyone you win, and I won.

Then Coach Matu and coach Paul taught us how to play Octopus.  We had three taggers.  The taggers were Oliver, Bryan and me. Some of the taggers were fast and some were slow.    When I was a tagger I ran very fast and I caught a lot of people.  When they were tagged they were called seaweed.  They had to stand in one place.  They had to stretch and wiggle their hands to tag other people.  We tagged Elisha, Harley, Fulila and Kena.  Then we had a new winner and it was Summer.  We all clapped for her.  Then we played again and there were three new taggers.  They were Fulila, Christopher and Harley.  They tagged Elisha, Kena, Bryan and me.  Oliver was the winner. 

My favourite part, that I liked the best, was when we played stuck in the mud and it was fun.  I will tell you how to play this game another day.

By Uinisieti

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