Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Rugby League

Rugby League

Today we played Rugby league.  We were on the bottom court outside Room 8.  We had coach Matu and coach Paul. They were cool.  First we did some running then we played the game rock, paper, scissors, dragon.  Next we kicked the ball to our partner.  My partner was Bryan.  We did low kicks and high kicks.  The high kicks were called bomb kicks.

Later we played Octopus.  The coaches showed us how to play.  First the coaches chose three people to be the taggers.  The taggers had to tag the other children.  If you get tagged you have to become seaweed.  When you are seaweed you have to stand still and stretch out your arms to tag the other children. 

My favourite game was rock, paper, scissors, dragon because we got to join together and become a dragon.

By Harley

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