Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Rugby League

Rugby League

Today we played Rugby League at the bottom court.  We had two coaches.  Their names were coach Matu and coach Paul. 

First we played a game called Octopus When we played Octopus we had to run to the other end of the court without getting tagged.  I didn’t run fast and I didn’t run slow, instead I jogged to the other end of the court.  When I got tagged I had to freeze and become a seaweed.  Seaweed people have to stretch their arms and try to tag other people who are running. 

Then we played a game of rock, paper, scissors, dragon.  Eti won twice so she got to be the head of the dragon.

After that we learnt how to do some different rugby kicks.  First we did a bomb kick.  A bomb kick is a high kick.  Then we did a chip kick.  It looks like a rainbow.  Then we did a grub kick which is a low kick.  I had a lot of fun learning new rugby skills. 
I like playing rock, paper, scissors, dragon the best.

By Elisha


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  2. Hi my name is Saruja .
    I am 12 years old .
    I am from panmure Bridge School
    I really like your story and I enjoy it.
    I think you enjoy the Rugby League.
    I think you like to play more games like Rock, paper , Scissors.
    I also like to play that game with my friends at school .
    Thank you for sharing your story with us .
    Keep up the great work.