Monday, 28 August 2017

A Double Family Celebration

On the weekend my family and I went to a busy airport.  We went there to meet my family from Christchurch.  Inside the airport there were lots of people carrying big and small bags.  My Mum called my uncle to check if they had landed.  My uncle said the plane had stopped.  When I heard that the plane had landed I got so excited. When my uncles came out of the door I ran and hugged them and I hugged my aunties too.  

When I saw my niece she was sleeping.  The next day my niece Havalia got baptised.  When Havalia came to Auckland she got a little bit sick but when my Mum said to put oil on her my auntie did.  Then she stopped crying.  

After Havalia was baptised we had a double celebration.  We had it at our place.  We had a double celebration because my uncle Sam had his birthday.We ate chocolate cake with blue icing.   My family and I said happy birthday to my uncle Sam.  He was happy.  After that we ate strawberry cheese cake.  Later people started packing up the leftover food and then everyone went back home.  

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