Thursday, 31 August 2017

Visiting My Mum's Workplace

On Tuesday I went to my Mum's workplace.   I went with my Mum, my older brother Xavier and my older cousin Cameron.  We are all at Saint Patrick's School.  

First we went and picked up my aunty Angel from her house. Then my Dad dropped us off at the train station.  Next we got into a train and we went into the city.  At the city train station we walked to McDonald's .  At McDonald's I had a hash brown and a hot drink.  I got the hot drink from the machine.  

After we had finished eating at McDonald's we walked to my Mum's workplace and we had a look around.  Then we saw lots of paintings of Maori people from the olden days.  My favourite painting was of a Maori chief because he had a tattoo on his face.

Then two men arrived and they put chairs around the room. One of them danced and one of them sang.  After that we went went to a cafe and I had a drink and my Mum had a cake.  

Later it started to rain so finally we went caught a bus back home. My Cameron stayed for a sleep over with us and my uncle Poppop came and picked up my auntie Angel and dropped her at her home.  I had an awesome day and I can't wait to go to my Mum's workplace again!!  

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