Wednesday, 30 August 2017

My Fantastic Weekend

On the weekend I went to church with Nana and my sister Summer.  We went to church on Saturday. At church we prayed to God, listened to Father talk about God and Jesus, and Mother Mary.  We also sang songs about Jesus.  

After church we went to the side of the church where there was a stair and a door.  Summer, Nana and I went inside the room and was our friend Peter, from school, and his family. There were two other people there too and one of them was Fulia from our school.  When we were done helping to tidy up we got an invitation from Father to attend church the 16th of September.

After that we went home and changed to go to a party.  The party was for Leeny.  Leeeny is one year old.  We played on bouncy castles and we had balloons, juice, pineapples on sticks.  We got face painted by a clever artist.  Summer's face was painted like a butterfly, my other sister Maddy's face was painted like a beautiful flower and my face was painted like a magnificent princess. My face was painted on the side.  Everyone else got their face painted on the side.  We all looked fantastic and I had a fantastic day!!

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