Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Playing With My Friend Cooper

On the weekend I went with my friend Cooper and his nephews to the Panmure Basin.  At the Basin we played in the park.  We played tag, and hide and seek.  Cooper's nephews are twins.  They are boys and their names Mika and Carda.  They are eight and half years old so they are a little bit old than I am.

While we were at the Panmure Basin it started to rain harder and harder so we all ran to the car very fast. Then we went to McDonald's and we played on the park.  Next we went to drop the twins back home and we had a little bit of fun playing at their house.  After that we left to go to Countdown and we bought lots and lots and lots of stuff.  Then Cooper and his Mum dropped me back home.  I had a very good day because I went to McDonald's and the park with my friend Cooper.

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