Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Going To Sylvia Park And Para Kai Hot Pool

In the holidays I went to the Food Court at the Syliva Park Shopping Mall.  My mum and I bought some tacos, my uncle bought butter chicken and my dad bought Burger King.  After that we went to Starbucks.  At Starbucks my dad and I bought a chocolate a frapachino each.  After we had eaten and I had drunk some of my frapachino we went to our car and drove back home.  We had a good time at Sylvia Park.

Later on we went Para Kai Hot pools.  We went there because it was my cousin George's birthday.  At the hot pools I jumped off the small diving board and my big brother jumped off the big diving board.  Then my little sister went into the small pool.  She is only five years old.   After that we had chocolate cake.  But first George made a wish and blew out the candles.  The cake had sprinkles on it and it tasted yum.  After celebrating George's birthday we drove home.  

When we got home I played on my PS4.  I played Blackops 3.  After that I went to sleep because I was very tired.  We had a good day.

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