Thursday, 19 October 2017

Staying With My Auntie Betty's House

During the holidays I went to my cousins' Celeste's and Carlos'  house.  I went with my Dad and my sisters.  My sisters' names are Summer and Maddy.  We went there for a sleepover and we stayed until Monday.  After dropping us off at Celeste'sand Carlos' house my Dad had to leave to go to work.  When my Dad had to leave Summer, Maddy and I said, "Bye Dad".   My Dad said, "Bye" to us and then he left.

The first thing that we did was to eat.  Then we played hide and seek in the dark.  The person who had to seek was Jayden.  I hid in a obvious spot that I can't remember.  Then Jayden found me.  After that Celeste, then Summer and finally auntie Betty and Maddy found me.
When I was in I was scared because I had to go down the dark deep stairs and count.  I was scared so I just went halfway down the stairs, so that I wouldn't get that scared and stop playing.  Two minutes later we were still playing, then someone knocked at the door.

We opened the door.  It was my uncle, my cousin Carlos and his friend.  They were holding pizzas.  We all said, Ohhhhhahh", except not  auntie.  Then auntie Bettie said, "We have to continue with our play tomorrow, let's eat our pizza".  

Then on Saturday we played again and probably some of the night.  When we played again people came and wanted to play also.
So we had fun and more fun.  Later a friend of my auntie's, and her daughter arrived.  The little girls name was Honey.  She was four years old.  Then on Sunday Honey and her mum had to leave.  So auntie Betty said, "Bye" to her friend and Honey.  Then my sisters and I had to leave too, so auntie Betty said, "Bye" to me and we went home with dad.

When we got back to our peaceful and comfortable home we had a long sleep.  The next day we went back to our auntie Betty's again and we had great fun each day that we stayed with her.  I love going to our auntie Betty's.

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  1. What a beautiful true story April. You girls definitely love going to your Aunties place during the holidays. One day soon your brother will join the party then you can show him how to play hide n seek😄
    Great story again April, love it😄😄