Friday, 20 October 2017

Our Family Gathering

On the weekend I went to my cousin's mum's house because my cousin's dad's mum was going to Samoa.  My cousin's name is Cameron and we go to the same school, but Cameron is older than me.  He is in Room 8.  We went to spend time with my cousin's family and farewell his Grandmother before she went to Samoa.  

My family and I drove to Cameron's mum's house in Williams Cresent. When we got there we all went inside and sat in the sitting room, and talked to each other.  There were a few people there already and then more people arrived.  I talked to my brother Xavier and my cousin Cameron.  We talked about the trampoline outside.  We wanted to go outside and play on it.  We said that maybe we will be able to play on the trampoline another weekend.  That would be great!

After talking for awhile we ate KFC and potato with gravy and chips, and cold slaw chicken (ck).  We also had a drink to go with our food.  Before we ate we said a prayer to thank God for the food that we had to eat.  We talked as we ate our food.  I liked eating the potato topped with gravy the best.  It tasted good.  

Later we left to go home.  Then I did my homework and went to sleep.  I like getting together with my family.

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