Thursday, 19 October 2017

My Holiday

In the holidays my family and I went to Fillipo's Dad's funeral.  Fillipo used to go to our school but now he is in college.  
At the church lots of people put Fillipo's dad's body in the coffin and then they put the lid on the coffin.  Next we put the coffin in the car and we all went to the graveyard.

At the graveyard all of the men took turns to dig the grave.  They dug it deeper and deeper.   We put his body to rest very deep down in the ground.  After that we put dirt and flowers on his coffin and people said prayer.  Some people cried.  Later my uncles bought us soft drinks and juice, and lots of food.  I was hungry and I loved the food.  It was a sad day.  

Later in the holidays I played Call of Duty Black Ops on the XBox with my brother.  My brother and I pretend killed lots and lots and lots of people with fake guns.  We made it to level fifty five.  But it got harder and harder and harder for us because there was a giant robot that was trying to pretend kill us with machine guns.  So we used our money for some more fake guns but then we both got pretend shot and died at the same time.  I had a good holiday playing with my brothers. 

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