Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Having Fun In The Holidays

In the holidays my family and I went to the movies at Sylvia Park.  I went with my two sisters.    My older sister's name is Jorina and my twin sister's is called Estherose.  

At the movies we watched Lego Ninjago.  The movie was about Lego Ninjago saving Ninjago City.  In the movie Leo's dad was the bad guy.  At the end of the movie Leo's dad had turned into a good guy.  I liked the Ninja that saved Ninjago City the best because he was the hero.  While we watched the movie we ate chips and popcorn, and we had drinks.  After watching the movie we went back home.

Later we went to Pak'n Save.  At Pak'n Save we bought crackers, shapes and Oreos, and some sandwiches for my little brother, my  sisters and me.  

Next we went to the Pizza Hut.  At the Pizza Hut we bought chips 
and pizza.  We took our chips and pizza back home.  I had pepperoni and cheese pizza.  The pizza and the chips tasted yum.  I had a fantastic day with my family!

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