Thursday, 19 October 2017

The Family Funeral

In the holidays my cousins and I went to our family reunion.  At the reunion I saw Jacob.  Jacob is in my class at school.  He was jumping on the bouncy castle.  He said, "hi" and I said, "hi" back.  

After that I had to get changed because my cousins and I had to dance in front of my Dad's auntie.  My cousin's next door neighbour danced with us too.  We did a Tongan and a Samoan dance.  When we had finished everyone watching us clapped and lots of people put money on us.  After that we got to eat pig and for dessert we had cake and cookies.  

When we had finished eating my cousin said, "can you help me to pick up the instruments?" I said, "sure".  So I helped my cousin.  Then he drove us back home.

At home we played with my cousin's next door neighbour.  We played red light.  Then we watched a movie.  It was called Max and Hana.  It was about a boy named Max who had no money.  There was a girl named Hana and she had lots of money.  She gave some of her money to Max.  Max said,  "Thank you".  Hana said, "You're welcome".  So Max said can I stay at your house for today and she said sure.  The next day Max was so sleepy he got lost in the woods.  Hana went looking for Max, but Hana couldn't find him. The movie had a sad ending but I still liked it.

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