Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Swimming Pools

In the holidays I went to the swimming pools with my family.  There was my mum, dad, my sisters April and Madelyn, and me.  We all wore our swimming togs to the swimming pool and we took some snacks with us. 

When we got to the pools we had our snacks so that we wouldn’t get hungry.  Then we jumped into the pool.  We made a big splash without touching the ground at the bottom of the pool.  After a while my cousins arrived with their mum and dad.  There were my cousins Celeste, Chloe, Carlos and Jayden. 

There was a boom box playing songs and we listened to it.  Next Jayden taught me how to float in the water.  I already know how to swim.  Then we got out of the pool and ate some more snacks and had a drink.  Later we swam at the deep end of the swimming pool.  That was the best part of the day.  I hope I get to go to the swimming pools again soon because I like swimming.

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