Wednesday, 18 February 2015

In The Holidays

In the holidays I went on a surprise trip with my Mum.  We went to the Viaduct in the city.  First we played a game of mini golf.  We had a golf ball and a golf stick each.  I liked hitting the ball with my golf stick.  I hit the ball over the water onto the other side and into the hole.  My Mum said, “Wow Harley you got it straight in the hole”. 

Then I went over to the next mini golf hole.  I had to shoot the ball out.  It stopped and I had to go over to it and hit it again to shoot it into the hole.  After that we gave the golf ball and stick back to the lady and we went to play another game.

Next I went rock climbing.  At first Mum didn’t do any rock climbing.  Instead she watched me rock climbing. When I came down my Mum went up and I watched her climb.  Rock climbing was very good.  Later we went home. On the way home I had an ice block because it was hot.  I liked my surprise trip to the Viaduct on Sunday.

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