Wednesday, 18 February 2015


In the holidays I went to Rotorua.  Rotorua is down south.  It is colder than Auckland.  I went with my family and my church family.  We went in a car.  There were about 25 cars altogether.  I was in the same car as my friend Angelina.  During the trip we played on Angelina’s Ipad.  It was a long trip and Angelina and I fell asleep leaning on each other. 

We stayed in a big place.  First I went to my room and put my things away. I shared a room with Duckby and Ahou.  Next I went outside and played with my friends and cousins.  We played, and hide and go seek.  I peeked.  Then we had a shower and something to eat.  We had to go to bed at 10-00 o’clock.  I had a great day.

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