Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The Picnic

In the holidays my family and I went on a bus trip to the beach for a picnic.  We went with our St Joseph’s parish.

When we got to the beach we had lunch together on the grass.  We ate hotdogs and chips.  After lunch all of us kids had some ice blocks.  My ice block was green and I could drink it.  My brother had an ice block too. 

After lunch I had a swim while my Mum watched me from the sand.  There was a big wave.  Next we went back to the picnic on the grass.  Later my Dad arrived and we went back down to the beach.  My Dad arrived at 2-00 o’clock.  He had been at work.  When we got back to the beach my brother played in the sand and I went for another swim. 

When I had finished swimming we went back to the picnic and the bus came.  We didn’t catch the bus.  Instead we went home in my Dad’s car.  I had lots of fun at our St Joseph’s picnic.

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